Earn Money Online By Typing
earn money online typing
This could be you working from anywhere

Welcome! Being that this website is about ways for you to work and generate an income from anywhere I want to help you to find legit ways to earn money online. And earn money online by typing is one of the easiest ways to do that.

It is easy to do, doesn’t require any investment, special skills or specific education. And as long you have some command of the English language you can do well.

Most of the time, all that is needed for you to accomplish this is a computer and access to the internet.

Like most things having to do with income, the amount you can earn doing this type of work is totally dependent on how much effort you put into it.

If you can get your projects done fast and put in quality work you can get more work offers and better ratings. And the faster you go through the jobs, obviously, the faster you can get on the next one.

Most anyone can do this work

Of course it should go without saying that you should know how to type to do this kind of work. It will also help to get better paying work or more work per hour if you know how to type and type well.

There is nothing preventing you from earning money online by typing.

Luckily, for you to earn money online typing is easy to accomplish even if you don’t have a computer or internet access.

online typing to earn money

Most local libraries have computers and internet access that you can use for free if you are a member. And being member is free at public libraries as well.

A few other things that might be beneficial to earn money online typing is an email account and PayPal account. Most of these data entry or typing jobs pay through PayPal.

Some of the advantages:

  • Most of the time you can get paid when the project is done
  • Possible to work from anywhere
  • No money required
  • Earn as much as you want depending on amount of work you accomplish
  • Flexible hours, usually can be done on your own free time

Some disadvantages:

  • Might take some time depending on length of typing work
  • Be wary of those online typing jobs that ask for money or upfront fees
  • You are an independent contractor which means you are responsible for any income taxes and FICA
  • No unemployment or workmen’s compensation insurance available

Kinds of Online Typing Jobs

Online typing jobs fall into 4 basic categories:

  1. Transcription
  2. Data Entry
  3. Content writers
  4. Blogger


Transcriptionists transcribe or type audio or video recordings into a readable document. Usually used for medical or legal fields. And sometimes require a higher level of proficiency. Some transcription jobs require you to have a foot pedal that will let you pause and play the audio while you’re typing.

Data Entry

Data entry is typing data into documents, spreadsheets or even transferring information from one document to another. Sometimes can be in a technical field, sometimes it is not. Generally, no special education or experience is required but being accurate and quick is helpful.

Content Writers

Content writers get paid to write or create for website owners. The subject matter you would write about is as varied as the billions of websites available on the internet.


A blogger is someone that writes posts and creates content that attracts visitors and repeat visitors to their blog. Bloggers create income for themselves by either having ads on their website or being an affiliate.

get paid for typing online

Sources to Make Money Online Typing

In no particular order:

  1. TranscribeMe
  2. Fiverr
  3. Birch Creek Communications
  4. Upwork
  5. Freelancer
  6. Peopleperhour
  7. Capital Typing
  8. TigerFish
  9. SpeakWrite
  10. CastingWords
  11. FlexJobs
  12. Guru
  13. AxionData
  14. E-Typist

1. TranscribeMe

  • They hire transcribers from anywhere in the world
  • Have to pass their training and exam course before getting work
  • Work as little or as much as you want
  • Pay in US Dollars through PayPal weekly
  • Can transcribe in other than English
  • Only need computer with Google Chrome and internet
  • Start at $15 per audio hour – this is not the time it takes to transcribe
  • Allow further specialization for more money like medical or legal and proofreading and captioning

2. Fiverr

  • Many different typing jobs – articles, translating, book, content, transcripts, press releases, blog posts, etc.
  • You set the payment amount
  • Get paid 20% of fee when job is completed. 80% is held for 14 days to “ensure buyer satisfaction”
  • Withdraw through PayPal, bank transfer and direct deposit
  • They provide on-demand video classes to help up your skills and provide badges on your profile that prospective buyers can see

3. Birch Creek Communications

  • General and legal transcriptions
  • Pay between $0.40 and $1.75 a minute
  • Depending on the job, turnaround time and quality of your work can result in higher per minute pay rate
  • Send in resume and if selected they will contact you to take their screening test

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4. Upwork

  • Most popular freelance website
  • Typing and writing type of work is varied – editing, proofreading, content, blogs, ghostwriting, business, technical, etc.
  • You bid on customer posted work against other freelancers
  • The better work that you produce the more you can get paid
  • Customer reviews your qualifications and your bid then decides who to hire

5. Freelancer

  • Payments made through direct deposit, bank transfer, PayPal or Payoneer card
  • Can work from any country
  • Typing and writing type of work – data entry, content writing, press releases, rewriting
  • Compete against other freelancers by bidding on posted projects
  • Free intro 30 day membership allows you to bid on up to 100 projects, after that the $0.99 membership allows 15 project bids a month
how do make money online typing

6. Peopleperhour

  • One of the top 2 or 3 most popular freelance websites
  • Freelancers bid on projects posted by others (you can bid on up to 15 projects at a time)
  • And freelancers can also post jobs they are willing to do for a set fee
  • As a freelancer you can post a picture, your skills(limit of 10) and an hourly rate to your profile page
  • You can get paid in US dollars, GB pounds and Euros but this is set by the customer
  • Payments can be made through PayPal or bank transfer
  • They take their fee out of your fee. Take this into account when you are bidding or posting your fee

7. CapitalTyping

  • Flexible hours, full or part time
  • Language translation, data entry and transcription work – not all are available all the time
  • When applying need to include a resume so they can get an idea of your backgrounds, experiences ad knowledge
  • Want you to have Skype for direct communication with Capital Typing
  • There is an audio test they want to take when applying

8. TigerFish

  • Been in business since 1989 – 30 years
  • Must be a US citizen or a legal resident
  • PC computers only, TigerFish software is incompatible with Macs
  • Need to purchase Power Play for Windows Media
  • Pays about $0.005 a word which comes out to about $5 for a 1,000 word document
  • Sometimes takes a week or more after you apply with your sample to get a response
  • You might get paid more with technical experience like medical or legal

9. SpeakWrite

  • Must be a native English speaker and a resident of the US or Canada
  • Type 60 words per minute with 90% accuracy
  • Need a Windows computer, software will not work on Macs
  • They require background checks but not credit checks
  • Required 12 months minimum of word processing or transcription experience
  • Pay at $0.005 a word – typically works out to $12-$15 an hour
  • Paid twice a month with check by mail or direct deposit except if you’re in Canada you can only be paid by check

10. CastingWords

  • Work can be done from anywhere with a computer an internet access
  • Pays through PayPal and paid on every Friday
  • Allows you to subcontract work out
  • Can work from almost any country
  • Allows you to see changes editor made to your submission. Great way to learn and get better
  • Pay is usually $0.085 to $1.00 per audio minute for transcription jobs
  • Work on your own time, on your own schedule and work as much or as little as you want

11. Flexjobs

  • Costs $14.95 a month or $49.95 a year
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee refund
  • Has full-time, part-time, one-time jobs
  • Flexjobs pre=screens the jobs to make sure they are legit and flexible
  • Has over 28,000 jobs in many different fields
  • To see the full job listsing with detail requires membership
  • Job search tips, blog and can upload your resume

12. Guru

  • Writing jobs like editing, proofreading, article and content writing, books and reports
  • Customer posts work and the writer bids on it
  • Jobs are either paid by hour or per job
  • Writer and poster negotiate payment agreements
  • Easily browse and filter for jobs you want to do

13. AxionData

  • Need to have 2-3 years experience and and type 50 word per minute
  • Work your own hours and responsible for your own taxes
  • Legal resident of the United States
  • Because of the sensitive nature of their work you will have to have a criminal background check
  • There is very little turnover and not every applicant is selected
  • To register in their database for employment you must pay a fee of $5, $7 or $10 – rates are relative to how long you want to remain in their registrant database
  • Pay is per document but the more accurate and faster people get paid more

14. E-Typist

  • Flexible schedules and hours
  • Payments are issued twice a month
  • Only accept those with three years legal transcription experience or working in a law office
  • Legal transcriptionists can be promoted to virtual assistants for more money and a dedicated employer
  • Payment rates are negotiable based on experience and quality of work
how do make money online

You CAN earn money online typing

If you can become accurate and increase your words per minute this can be steady, decently paying work but what I have found is the faster you type and with less mistakes you get paid more. You can get paid more by doing more work in less time or taking less time to get paid the same. Choice is yours but…

Best of all this can be done anywhere you are – at home or during down time while traveling. When you earn money online typing you really can work from anywhere.

Ready to Start Your Own Online Business? Join Me and more than a Million other like-minded people!

First week is absolutely free, there is no payment required to check it out. You will have access to 1-on-1 coaching from me and many of the other experienced marketers.

Earn Money Online By Typing

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