Does Your Story Sound Like My Story?

I’ve never started a website before and never really thought about it. But, I knew I wanted to work for myself because I was tired of working for someone else. And didn’t like the feeling that my financial success was dependent on someone else’s value of my time.

And working for someone else, it always seemed like no matter how hard I worked or how much I did, the profits went to someone else.

That had to change. But it was up to me to get it done.

I found a Wealthy Affiliate review from another website and I checked it out. And I looked over all the information and training that was available. It was free for the first seven day.

I knew there was nothing to lose.

I started the training and watched a few of their videos.

And created my first website that day. It was indexed by Google after two days, meaning Google found my website and it was going to start to show up in searches. I just needed to add content to my website to get it ranked high.

Well, after about the tenth post I published it showed up on the first page in Google and as a featured snippet! You might not know this but having your content as a featured snippet is a big deal.

This is the first thing people see when they put those words in the search bar. It drives a lot of traffic to my site. Not surprisingly it is the most visited post on my site. It was exciting of course!

And every day when I see this it is exciting for me because it’s been in that same position for the past 2 months.

ranking on Google

I’m not Reviewing Wealthy Affiliate

This is not a review of Wealthy Affiliate. If you’re looking for a review, I’m sure you can find it somewhere, those are everywhere. Just do a Google search and you’ll find one. But I will tell you this about Wealthy Affiliate: It’s how you can start your own online business with little to no money.

But you don’t need to search for a review of Wealthy Affiliate. I’m here to tell you it is not a scam and it does work. Proof? The proof is that you found my site and are reading this. Before I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate I had no idea how to make a website or how to get it to rank on Google.

What you need to see is, if you want to get started working for yourself and being able to work from anywhere, Wealthy Affiliate is the best thing AND the first thing you should do.

This is because there are step by step instructions on how to do it and the tools to succeed.

So, What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, Wealthy Affiliate was started way back in 2005 by Kyle and Carson. They originally started as a keyword ranking service but they came to find out affiliate marketing was more lucrative. Now they teach these same principles to every member of Wealthy Affiliate.

These guys, Kyle and Carson, are real people and not some faceless dudes. In fact, like me and you, they have Instagram accounts that they started within the last year. They are on Wealthy Affiliate’s 24/7 live chat every day to answer questions and give tips and advice.

best way for affiliate marketing

Wealthy Affiliate has grown to have over one million members throughout the years. Some are no longer members just because they used what was taught and became successful enough that they are on their own now.

Other members are still there and have become successful enough that they were able to quit their full time jobs and used the teachings of Wealthy Affiliate to earn a full time income.

Who can benefit from being a member of Wealthy Affiliate?

I benefited because I had no experience building a website or starting a blog. And I learned how with Wealthy Affiliate.

I am positive you can learn too and be successful at it with the training available there.

Really, everyone can use and benefit from Wealthy Affiliate. You can benefit no matter what level of experience you have with affiliate marketing.


Those that have no idea how to do this, and have never done this (at one time I was in this category) can benefit from everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer – training, lessons about affiliate marketing, lessons on website building, cheap domain prices with free web hosting.

Young and old, educated or not, even people who don’t know English that well are successful at Wealthy Affiliate. Truly, everything beginners need to start their online business and make it successful.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to get started with Wealthy Affiliate and rank your website in Google. You might have to sign up for a free account to view it.

how to start an online business from home

Experienced affiliate marketers can get paid by Wealthy Affiliate

Those that are experienced affiliate marketers are able to use the included webhosting and low priced domains and get up to 25 websites with a premium membership. And that also includes free SSL Certificates and free business emails.

There are also ways for affiliate marketers with experience to have get an income with Wealthy Affiliate. They have a high commission and lifetime cookies for anyone you refer.

And, if you create any training or tutorials used by the Wealthy Affiliate community, you can get Wealthy Affiliate credits to pay for your membership or exchanged for cash.

What WA has for you to start your online business

What Wealthy Affiliate is – it is the best way to start your own online business. It has the training, lessons, tips and certification all to help you to get started and be successful with creating your own website in affiliate marketing or even dropshipping.

WA has training, lessons, webinars, purchase low priced domains, web-hosting, a 24/7 helpful community and access to affiliate networks.

This is not only to help you to get going as a starter member but as a premium member you have access to all this information, help and mentoring at all times.

But have you ever started your own website?

That’s OK, I never did either. This website you are reading right now I did on my own with the help and training from Wealthy Affiliate.

I didn’t know the first thing about creating or building a website. I didn’t know which niche to pick or even if it was the right one.

But I did it. In fact, this is the third website I’ve created.

As a member you get access to the training so that you can build your own website. And you can get it done in under 5 minutes!

I know from experience that once you build that first website, you’ll realize it’s incredibly easy. And you’ll wonder why you didn’t start doing it sooner.

Look at these success stories using Wealthy Affiliate

These are just a few of the successes people have had using the training from Wealthy Affiliate. Literally, every day someone is posting on the Wealthy Affiliate blog their success story. Some of them have made over $1000 in one day, others have quit their full time jobs and work for themselves doing affiliate marketing.

This is not to say this will be your success but it is to show it is possible for you to accomplish with some hard work and the right training.

Training and Tools To Start An Online Business

The Training and Certification

As a starter member you have access to the first level of lessons. These lessons will help you get started working from anywhere. They include choosing a niche, setting up your website and optimizing your website for search engines.

These lessons that are available to starter members will help you be on your way to being a successful affiliate marketer.

how to start a business online
Level 1 of 5 for the Online Entrepreneur Certification

But if you become a premium member you will have access to even more in depth lessons and training that will increase your chances for success. That training includes:

  • social media engagement
  • increasing traffic to your website
  • using and finding affiliate networks for your niche
  • tracking and understanding your traffic
  • creating content that converts
  • using Google, Bing and Yahoo to your advantage

Each element of the training is there to make you successful either by increasing your presence on the search engines, expanding your social media reach and growing your website traffic.

With the right attitude and determination this will all turn into a more successful website and higher income for you.

Weekly Webinars that Cover Everything

There are weekly live webinars, usually on a Friday. And if you miss it you are able to watch them at your convenience. There are a lot, going back a few years. But they cover everything about having your own online business.

There were a few webinars in September about making Instagram work for you, getting your page to rank on the first page of Google within seconds of publishing it or building a professional looking website.

In October all the live webinars for that month were on how to build a local marketing business and local lead generations business.

Sometimes, about every 3 months or so, there is a “Hot Seat” webinar. You can submit your website and, if it is chosen, it gets reviewed and they give you tips on how you can make it better, create more traffic and turn a profit.

starting an online business

There has been live webinars almost once a week since 2013. All of them have helpful information to increase your traffic, increase your sales and increase your income. Some might not pertain to you. You might not care about how to increase your Facebook presence but you will most definitely need to see how to build an awesome homepage.

You get access to this awesome research tool called Jaaxy

Weird name right? What exactly is Jaaxy?

When you start a website or are writing content for your website you need a little cheat sheet. Jaaxy is that cheat sheet. Jaaxy is a companion website to Wealthy Affiliate and you have free access as a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

You want your content to rank and using keywords is a big part of that ranking. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo find keywords in your content to show your website in the rankings.

You put in a keyword that you want to be ranked for and you can see monthly searches, monthly traffic and competition for that keyword.

In this case I put “making money online” and there is quite a bit of competition. Under QSR there is 237 which shows there is 237 other websites that rank for that exact keyword.

affiliate marketing to start an online business

So you would probably want to use “making money online from home” instead. There is less competition at 84 so you have a better chance to rank on Google or Bing.

Jaaxy has other tools besides that though. There is Site Rank which can show you where your site ranks for the keywords you chose. This helps to get an idea how well you are doing.

And the Affiliate Programs is a tool where you can put in a subject or product and Jaaxy will tell you which Affiliate network you can use for that product. So Jaaxy can tell you which affiliate network you could use for your niche.

Jaaxy is an extremely valuable tool for affiliate marketing and ranking your website and posts.

wealthy affiliate live chat

The Helpful Community and 24/7 Chat

The first thing you notice is the live chat that is available to you. Because Wealthy Affiliate is a worldwide community someone is always on chat and it is available 24/7. You can always ask questions and someone will always help you.

Many times, the long time Wealthy Affiliate members that have been the most successful are on the chat and willing to help.

The live chat is super helpful when you’re stuck while building your website or trying to use the affiliate links.

It’s just a really quick way for anyone, especially beginners, to get help when they are not sure what to do next.

Using the Training I Increased My Website Traffic

As you can see below, my website traffic has increased since the beginning of 2019. This is due to the help, lessons and training found on Wealthy Affiliate.

how to start an online business for free
My website traffic has increased since the beginning of 2019 to October 2019
use affiliate marketing to start an online business
Traffic on another website that I started in June 2019 to October 2019

Is the Premium Membership Worth It?

Yes, especially if you are just starting out in the online biz. But first, you can sign up as a free member under the starter account to see if you like and if it works for you.

If it is working for you and you are growing your own online business you can get the first month of premium membership for only $19 with my link. I don’t think spending under $20 for one month is too much to see if all the tools they offer will help you be successful.

The Web Hosting And Site Security Cost Is Included with Premium Membership

I’ve included a chart below of other companies that host WordPress sites. Wealthy Affiliate has no competition. You might not be at that point yet where any of this makes sense. That’s fine. But this is all included for the $49 a month Premium Membership.

Right now, I own a total of 6 websites. 3 of those are active and I am earning an income on. One of them I just don’t want anyone else to get. And then I have 2 that I use for trial and error.

But when you have your website hosted with Wealthy Affiliate they provide a few things that are really good to have when you start your online business.

  • You can have up to 50 websites. This is good for when you have practice websites or doing a test site.
  • They back up your websites every 24 hours. This is for those “oops, what did I just do” moments and everything is messed up. I did this once and thankfully they had a recent backup.
  • Site support. Believe me when I say the site support is worth the cost by itself. I have tried other hosting sites like GoDaddy and the site support at Wealthy Affiliate blows other hosts away. Not even close. When you send in a support ticket it is generally answered or the problem is corrected in 3 minutes or less, no joke.
  • No extra cost for SSL certificates. Even though SSL is becoming commonplace, some hosts do charge extra for that.
  • Unlimited email accounts. Some hosts will only allow 5 or 10 then charge you for any over that.
affiliate marketing for your online business

Plus When You Sign Up…

You will get personal 1-on-1 coaching and help from me when you sign up. You can contact me either through the personal message system on Wealthy Affiliate or by email at Derek(@) I will respond within 12 hours either way.

Of course you also get the help of the community, live chat, webinars, and training any time it is needed.

Tips To Follow For Better Success With WA

  1. Try to post content daily. Google and other search engines like constant, fresh, and original content.
  2. Research the keywords you are targeting using the keyword tool on You might find the keywords you are using have a lot of competition. Or none.
  3. Don’t worry so much about the appearance of your website. Focus on the quality and frequency of your content.
  4. Watch the Webinars. Even the ones in the past that you missed. There is a lot of useful information there.
  5. Be patient. Remember there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme. It will take some time to see results. You might start to see results in the first month, or it might take six, but you will be successful if you follow the lessons found on WA.

Persistence Pays Off When You Start Your Own Online Business

You’ve heard that or some variation before I am sure.

online affiliate start

What they teach at Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick thing or a multi-level marketing thing. It is a way to start your own online business, on your own website where you are in charge and your success is up to you.

Something you might hear a lot of on the live chat or blog on Wealthy Affiliate is to have determination or persistence. And that’s true. This affiliate marketing system will not work for you if you think you can sit back and the money will roll in.

You have to work at it and put time into it to be successful, just like if you were to start any other type of business.

McDonald’s or Wal-Mart didn’t become a multi-billion dollar enterprise overnight, it took time to get to that point.

But you can be sure they saw growth and potential in that first 6 months and they kept at it.

The same goes for affiliate marketing. You might get frustrated and want to quit but what if your next post or your next review brings twice the visitors to your website but you didn’t do it because you got frustrated and quit?

4 thoughts on “The Best Way To Start Working From Anywhere

  • November 12, 2019 at 2:20 pm

    I have tried a few”get rich quick” schemes and dozens of other alternatives to making money outside of my typical 9-5. I am always interested in trying whatever opportunity is presented to me.

    What really sold me originally with Wealthy Affiliate was the ability to start for 1 week free. If you put all your extra time into it for 1 week you can really get a good feel for the platform without having spent a penny! That is a huge trust builder for anyone wanting to try something new online.

    I am very impressed you were shown on the first page within Google after only 10 posts!? I am interested to know what you think was the biggest influencer in that happening as I have over 10 solid/thorough and well-written posts but have yet to achieve that accomplishment. I would love your feedback!

    • November 12, 2019 at 4:09 pm

      Thank you for the comment Kay. I tried a few of internet money making things too and they all had that scam or not legit feel to them. I’m glad I found this platform. It is legit and has all the right information to help you succeed, as I mentioned with my first page ranking on Google. That wouldn’t have happened without Wealthy Affiliate.

      What got my post on the first page was the “low hanging fruit” keywords but it was also a long tail keyword. A long tail keyword is 4 or 5 words and there is less competition for those types of keywords. And I got those keywords by using Jaaxy.

  • November 14, 2019 at 2:01 pm

    Great post. This is a very helpful in depth look at the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate. It is great to see the success that you have had by being able to rank on the first page of Google. That is quite a success as it is something that surely is not easy to do. The thing that is truly great about Wealthy Affiliate is the in depth training it provides. Again, congrats on the success and hopefully I will be able to join you on the first page of Google! ( in a different niche of course!).

    • November 15, 2019 at 1:01 pm

      Thank you for the comment Paul. Ranking on the first page is difficult but you also need to work at staying there by posting new and updated content. Ranking is only half the battle.


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